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Tampa Bay Residential Painting

Choosing a professional painting service like Renew in Tampa Bay and the surrounding area is the perfect way to turn an old house into something new again. Furthermore, why should you seek the help of a professional painter when it is possible to do work on your own?

Painting Services

Hiring a professional painting company comes with many advantages. Firstly, Renew’s professional painters are experienced and fully prepared to handle any painting challenge. It’s their job to know when to power wash a building or use caulk to fill in a tiny crack. Your painter will be polite, dress professionally, and answer all your questions regarding paintings.

We guarantee that you’ll say “WOW!” after working with our professional painting team. Our team is constantly inspecting their work. When you hire us, our priority is to arrive on time and finish the project on a short timeline while providing the quality you deserve. Basically, when you choose Renew professional painting company, you can be sure you won’t have to touch up the work. We do everything to give you a white-glove experience.

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    Committed to Quality

    Our motto is to give you an enjoyable and wonderful painting experience!

    Maintaining your property regularly is an actual investment, not just an aesthetic endeavor. The paint on the exterior protects the structure against weather and natural degradation.

    It is always cheaper to maintain this defense than wait until it is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced. Furthermore, we provide annual or semi-annual inspections and walk-throughs to help you create a strategy for your property’s ongoing care and maintenance.

    Clear communication is also crucial to our success. It is especially important when painting many properties during the construction phase.

    Throughout our process, we would like to make sure that what homeowners in your community have asked for is handled the way they have suggested. As an HOA, you have taken the time to listen to and hear from the homeowners in your community.


    Why choose us

    We are known for our speed, efficiency, and quality. All kinds of businesses, homes, or buildings have been painted by our highly skilled team of painters on a small, medium, or large scale. It is not enough for us to paint and leave. Our painting projects require so much more than this. Some of our objectives are:

    • Being genuinely attentive to your needs
    • Working cleanly and respectfully
    • Delivering consistent, high-quality work
    • Each unit will be treated individually 
    • Our work is guaranteed
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