Commercial Painting in Tampa

It’s not just about WOWing our residential customers. For your commercial painting, you can trust us. Renew commercial painting can handle any commercial painting project you require, whether a small room or an entire office building. We always finish on time and budget, so you don’t have to worry about interruptions during the workday. 

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    We’ll get things done quickly. We will get things done even faster than you imagined. Painters who take weeks to complete a job, damage your property, provide poor quality, or disappear during the project are no more. When you need us, we’ll be there to help, and we’ll always ensure you’re happy with the results. Our wide range of experience includes interior and exterior painting for all kinds of businesses, including:

    • Workplaces,
    • Storehouses,
    • Health clubs and gyms,
    • Companies that manage properties, and more.

    We’ll always aim to provide the quality you’re looking for within an unexpected timeframe as a team. With Renew, you’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily you can give your office or workspace a fresh new look.

    Benefits of working with the commercial painting company.

    Our painting services and the total cost of your painting project are clearly outlined in a detailed, written proposal specific to your business. Using your proposal as a guide, our experienced painters will complete your painting project on time, based on the price and estimate you receive from our estimators.

    The following are all experts in painting:

    • Experienced
    • Authorized
    • Insurance
    • Binding

    A paint job cannot simply put a halt to your business. If you close your doors, there will be no lost revenue or lost workdays. Rather than worrying about renovation details, let us handle the work in no time so that you can focus on running your business.

    The low VOC paint we use also means you won’t have to deal with harsh fumes and odors when you return to your freshly painted office.

    Areas We Serve


    Why choose us

    Office painting

    At Renew, we can manage any size job, from a single office to an entire building. Give your office a makeover today by hiring our friendly and professional office painters. Because we are here to minimize disruption, we will work around your schedule to get back to business as soon as possible. We can help you pick good colors that will effectively boost productivity and suit your space for a long time during a color consultation.

    Retail store house painting

    A retail space that is being painted can be challenging to organize and plan. Whenever possible, at Renew,we’ll work with you to minimize business hours impact (or not have any impact at all) and to choose colors that perfectly reflect your brand. The flooring can be painted with scuff-resistant paint, and the walls can be painted with high-performance colors that will last.

    Schedule Renew Commercial Painters in Tampa Bay

    Until you say so, we are not finished. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. While the paint is drying, we’ll offer a walkthrough with you to confirm no touch-ups need to be done. Once you’ve approved the work, we’ll do a complete clean-up. Our team makes sure that you are satisfied with the results post-job completion.

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