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The hospitality and commercial industries in Tampa are always on the rise. This is the reason you need Renew Tampa’s Commercial Flooring Contractors Tampa FL. Team. One of the determinants of a hotel’s competitive advantage is their ability to maintain a clean and fresh appearance. A hotel’s design must remain current in order to be successful. The best way for commercial properties in Tampa to stay competitive is to periodically replace their flooring. If you find yourself in such a situation, you ought to contact one of the most reputable commercial flooring contractors in Tampa, Florida.

There is no doubt that floor coverings make an important statement. It is often the floor coverings that define the look of a room. You can provide guests with a sense of luxury and refinement that will make them want to return again and again. A higher occupancy rate will result in more foot traffic. Commercial and Hospitality flooring varies from area to area depending on the needs of the space, but all of it must meet the same criterion: it must perform, be slip-resistant, and be able to withstand long periods of time. Because of advances in technology and production, the market now offers a plethora of flooring material options that have dramatically changed hospitality flooring design.

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Commercial Flooring Types

A number of properties are using ceramic, marble, wood, and faux wood flooring in high-traffic areas such as lobbies, bathrooms, and even restaurants. Despite this broadloom and Axminsters are still dominating the market sector in public areas, corridors, ballrooms, and meeting rooms,

Recently, luxury vinyl tile flooring and vinyl plank flooring have made significant strides in terms of appearance. The Renew Tampa company is installing vinyl flooring in areas where owners desire a wood-like look but a product that is virtually indestructible and requires relatively little maintenance. It can also be found in hotels with kitchens that offer extended stays. The use of vinyl flooring is more prevalent in mid- to low-priced hotels.

Many properties combine carpet and wood flooring, whereby the wood is used as a border around the carpet installation. Furthermore, tile flooring is also very popular due to its high design quotient and durability. The porcelain tile flooring and ceramic tile flooring are both extremely scratch-resistant, temperature-tolerant, and stain-resistant. Simple cleaning is required, such as a light wipe or damp-mopping. Both options are allergy-free.

Commercial carpet tiles are another popular choice for hospitality flooring. The carpet tile is versatile, easy to install, and easy to replace (piece by piece). Renew Tampa uses a substantial amount of carpet tiles in mixed-use areas, including corridors, guest rooms, and public spaces. This type of flooring requires less material almost every time.

Some of the types of commercial/hospitality flooring include:

  • Hardwood
  • Vinyl Plank
  • Epoxy Flooring
  • Acid Stain
  • Tile

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Renew Tampa is committed to providing innovative commercial and hospitality flooring solutions. One of the top flooring contractors in Tampa, FL., we specialize in commercial projects of varying sizes, such as convention centers, airports, country clubs, casinos, theaters, retail stores, nightclubs, hospitals, gyms, hotels, office buildings, condominiums and apartment complexes.

No matter whether you are building new construction or renovating an existing hotel or commercial space, you will need professional flooring contractors. We at Renew Tampa understand the flooring challenges you may face, as well as the limitations faced by commercial businesses. We are experienced flooring contractors and make sure that the flooring installation process is as smooth as possible. Whatever your design needs, we can handle them. Our goal is to become your flooring contractor.

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